Antariksa (b. 1975, Indonesia) is a researcher and co-founding member of KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He has conducted research about Indonesian art, culture and history and is author of Tuan Tanah Kawin Muda: Hubungan Seni Rupa-LEKRA 1950–1965(The Linkage Between the Arts and the Institute of People‚ Culture in Indonesia 1950‚1965) (2005). He is currently working on his new book, Art Collectivism in Japanese-Occupied Indonesia.

Working across video, sound, and installation, Martha Atienza (b. 1981, Philippines) explores a wide range of physical, sociological, and emotional connections with water focusing on the environment as well as the communities of her hometown Bantayan Island, situated in the northwestern end of Cebu. These observations have culminated into immersive installations and socially engaged projects that delve into economic, social, and environmental issues tackling the notion of vulnerability while also questioning the role of art as a tool for change. Recent exhibitions include Singapore Biennale (2016); Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, Queensland, Australia (2016); Sharjah Biennale, United Arab Emirates (2013). She was most recently the recipient of the 19th Baloise Art Prize at Art Basel Statement 2017.

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