NTU CCA IdeasFest 2023 FOOD
Eat. Secure. Sustain


NTU CCA IdeasFest 2023 FOOD
Eat. Secure. Sustain

Thursday, 16 February - Sunday, 19 February 2023 · ONSITE

Following the global call for an ecological turn in art, architecture, and design, NTU CCA Ideas Fest FOOD Eat. Secure. Sustain. presents projects that engage, investigate, and aim to ensure food security on a healthy planet.


NTU CCA IdeasFest is a platform to catalyse critical exchange of ideas and encourage thinking “out of the box”. It links the artistic and academic communities with grassroots and self-organised initiatives and small-scale entrepreneurship. Following the global call for an ecological turn in art, architecture, and design, NTU CCA IdeasFest 2023 FOOD Eat. Sustain. Secure. presents projects that engage, investigate, and aim to ensure food security on a healthy planet. The vitality of food poses a wide-ranging set of questions and problems when confronted with nature’s diminishing capacity to nourish life as a result of harmful anthropocentric activity. Such challenges demand that we rethink our modes of production and consumption.

This third edition of IdeasFest draws relational links to improve the understanding of sustainable food systems and their urgencies, opening a pathway towards actionable steps to ensure food security. Current food practices are threatening both people and planet; more nourishing and sustainable ways of eating and producing need to be developed.  This need to transform our societies towards socio-ecological sustainability is clear, but many proposals lack the concrete economic and political scaffolding necessary to make their implementation feasible.

The global food system encompasses all economic sectors, and understanding its components is essential for developing and executing effective measures to strengthen its sustainability. IdeasFest 2023 FOOD Eat. Secure. Sustain. looks into how various technologies affect (traditional) food practices and culinary techniques, and which of these are valued. Food security hinges on sustainable food systems which are based on subsystems, including farming, waste management, and supply infrastructures, which in turn interact with trade, energy, and health systems.

These interconnected systems influence our planet, our global way of life and our everyday existence. Food production should be done in a way that is not wasteful and can be continued into the future without being detrimental to human and non-human health.

Focusing on social interactions that connect academic research with artistic and cultural fields as well as with architecture and design applications, this edition draws a direct relation between human societies and their impact on the environment. It presents environmentally friendly ways of living, exploring regional crafts, reusing, repairing und upcycling. While scientific evidence on climate change and food scarcity is widely discussed, to materialise future-proof food communities, it requires socially robust and impactful proposals that create a relay between local perspectives and knowledge generated in academia. To address food related issues and the climate crisis in a continued dialogue is necessary, as there is a risk that the gravity and urgency of this crisis will not be fully comprehended.

As a platform to feature new initiatives, NTU CCA Ideas Fest FOOD Eat. Secure. Sustain is an invitation to share and engage in cooperative projects and collective experiences through workshops, site visits, screenings, performances, public installations, participatory projects, and a summit. This diverse programme will be enriched by presentations of start-up initiatives and public dialogues on how to support Singapore’s aspiration to meet 30% of its nutritional requirements domestically by 2030 collectively and individually. A two-day Ideas Conference will bring together a prominent group of architects, theorists, researchers, curators, designers, and community groups to discuss further ideas on sustainability, circular economy, food security, creative learning, and the potential of cultural heritage such as crafts and sustainable urbanism to envision a responsible future city.

Ideas Fest 2023 FOOD Eat. Sustain. Secure., conceived in partnership with Singapore-ETH Centre Future Cities Laboratory Global, contemplates on sustainable food systems, climate awareness and solutions for a more sustainable future. Curated by Prof. Ute Meta Bauer (NTU CCA and NTU ADM), Magdalena Magiera (NTU CCA), Assoc. Prof. Laura Miotto (NTU ADM), Prof. Thomas Schroepfer (ETH FCL and SUTD), Dr. Tanvi Maheshwari (Associate Director for Research, Future Cities Laboratory Global)

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