Conference & Symposium

Climate Futures #1: Cultures, Climate Crisis and Disappearing Ecologies

Conference & Symposium

Climate Futures #1: Cultures, Climate Crisis and Disappearing Ecologies

Thursday, 1 December · 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM · ONSITE

To better understand the decline in cultural and ecological diversity in the region, NTU CCA Singapore and Konnect ASEAN proposes to look at how the endangerment of traditional cultures and knowledges in the face of ecological challenges affects the region of Southeast Asia. The three-day summit Climate Futures #1: Cultures, Climate Crisis and Disappearing Ecologies. aims to address the various relationships and links to its environment, its ecologies and biodiversity.

Thursday, 1 December – Saturday, 3 December 2022
Veranda Hotel at Pakubuwono
Jakarta, Indonesia

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Environmental transformations change ancestral relationships to water, forests, soil, animals, and plants. It affects indigenous philosophies and their irreducible oneness of nature and culture, and of human and non-human. The loss of habitat and ecosystems take away the community’s kin, its identity, belonging and dignity and impacts future generations to come. Communities increasingly feel threatened in their collective capacity to thrive and survive. In this moment of significant change, it is essential to discuss possible climate solutions and explore ecologies of care.

The summit intends to map how the climate crisis informs our contemporary world, and how diverse cultures can adjust or adapt without losing a sense of purpose. It will comprise of discussions into alternative approaches to regional studies focusing on urgencies such as rising sea-levels and temperatures and the impact on natural resources of the region.

The holistic approach of Climate Futures #1: Cultures, Climate Crisis and Disappearing Ecologies. is to stimulate a debate between artists, designers, and architects, scientists, environmentalists, as well as local voices and policy makers. We seek to reach out to a wider public including younger scholars and practitioners, as well as community leaders and policy makers from the ASEAN region.

The future of our shared prosperity relies on our collective ability to create an inclusive and sustainable foundation for growth.


Timings in Jakarta Time (GMT +7)

Thursday, 1 December 2022 
8.30am Registration and Coffee
9.00am Opening addresses by Choi Jaeha (Korea) Minister Counselor, Korean Mission to ASEAN  H.E. Khamsouk Keovongsay (Laos), Director General, National Institute of Fine Arts, Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of Lao PDR, Dr. Yang Mee Eng (Malaysia), Executive Director of ASEAN Foundation, Prof. Tim White, Vice President (Singapore) (International Engagement); President’s Chair in Materials Science and Engineering; Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering 
9.30am Welcome and Introduction by co-curators Prof. Ute Meta Bauer (Germany/Singapore) NTU CCA Singapore and Magdalena Magiera (Germany/Singapore) Curator and Research Associate NTU CCA Singapore and Ben Hampe (Myanmar/Australia) Project Director KONNECT ASEAN, ASEAN Foundation  
9.45am Circularity, Climate, Culture & Community: a Sabah story
Keynote Lecture by Cynthia Ong (Malaysia), Chief Executive Facilitator, Forever Sabah Institute and LEAP 
11am Pendekar Laut: Sea Warrior Fishermen fighting for Survival in the face of Climate Change & Coastal Development 
Case study by Dr. Serina Rahman (Singapore/Malaysia), Lecturer, Department of Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore 
11.40am Beyond the God’s Eye: Militant Approaches to Cognitive Maps 
Case Study by Cian Dayrit (Philippines), artist 
12pm Indigo as Livelihood 
Case Study by Dr. Chomwan Weeraworawit (Thailand), lawyer, producer curator, creative director of fashion brand Philip Huang 
12.20pm Discussion with Cynthia Ong (Malaysia), Dr. Serina Rahman (Singapore/Malaysia), Dr. Chomwan Weeraworawit (Thailand), and Cian Dayrit (Philippines) 
Moderated by Prof. Ute Meta Bauer (Germany/Singapore)  
Lunch Break 
3pm Introduction by Kathleen Ditzig (Singapore), PhD Candidate at the School of Art Design and Media, NTU 
3.20pm Struggles for Sovereignty 
Case Study presented by Eliesta Handitya (Indonesia) writer, independent researcher and Shilfina Putri Widatama (Indonesia) independent researcher 
3.40pm Connecting trajectory of Classical Science and Cultures in the Anthropocene time 
Case Study by Ignatia Nilu (Indonesia), curator 
4.20pm Resettlement in Vietnam – Policies and Social Impact Assessment 
Case Study by Huong Vu (Vietnam), architect 
4.40pm The Tonlé 
Case Study by Sao Sreymao (Cambodia), artist 
5pm Keeping the Flow 
Case Study by Lêna Bùi (Vietnam), artist 
5.20pm Discussion with Kathleen Ditzig (Singapore), Eliesta Handitya (Indonesia), Shilfina Putri Widatama, Ignatia  Nilu (Indonesia), (Indonesia), Huong Vu (Vietnam), and Sao Sreymao (Cambodia), Lêna Bùi (Vietnam) 
Moderated by Magdalena Magiera (Germany/Singapore)  

Friday, 2 December 2022
 8.30am Registration and Coffee 
9.00am Introduction by Co-Curators 
9.15am The Language Opacities of Climate Change Discourse
Keynote Lecture by Marian Pastor Roces (Philippines), curator, critic and policy analyst 
10.20am Why Tikar? The Politics, Geographies, Architecture, Stories, and Language of our Mat 
Case Study by Yee I-Lann (Malaysia), artist 
10.40am Bantayan Island: An Island in Transition 
Case Study by Martha Atienza, artist and Jake Atienza (both Philippines), MA Student and Graduate Assistant at University of Hawai’i  
11.20am Archiving Resistance 
Case Study by Elisa Sutanudjaja (Indonesia), co-founder and Executive Director, Rujak Center for Urban Studies  
11.40am Discussion with Marian Pastor Roces (Philippines), Yee I-Lann (Malaysia), Martha Atienza and Jake Atienza (both Philippines), Elisa Sutanudjaja (Indonesia) 
Moderated by Prof. Ute Meta Bauer (Germany/Singapore) 
Lunch Break 
Ziarah Utara (Pilgrimage to the North) 
Activation by Irwan Ahmett and Tita Salina (both Indonesia), artists 

Saturday, 3 December 2022 
8.30am Registration and Coffee 
9.00am Introduction by Co-Curators 
9.20am Frequencies of Tradition, Frequencies for Sustainable Future 
Keynote Lecture by Hyunjin Kim (Korea), curator and writer
10.20am Moving Earth, Crossing Water, Restless Topographies: Lessons on Threshold Crossing and Wayfinding alongside Non-Human Collaborators 
Case Study by Zarina Muhammad (Singapore), artist 
11.00am Uncovering Borneo’s Little Green Jade, Moving Towards Post-Colonialism or Unlearning Stockholm Syndrome 
Case Study by Jang Elroy Ramantan (Brunei), artist 
11.20am Case Study by Dr. Yang Mee Eng (Malaysia), Executive Director of ASEAN Foundation 
11.40am Discussion with Hyunjin Kim (Korea), Zarina Muhammad (Singapore), Jang Elroy Ramantan (Brunei), and Dr. Yang Mee Eng (Malaysia)  
Moderated by Dr. Ingo Schöningh (Germany/Indonesia), Head of Cultural Programmes Goethe-Institut Jakarta 
1.00pm Closing Remarks 
Prof. Ute Meta Bauer (Germany/Singapore) NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, Cynthia Ong (Malaysia) Chief Executive Facilitator, Forever Sabah Institute and LEAP and Marian Pastor Roces (Philippines) curator, critic and policy analyst 

Programme information and speaker bios can be read in the official brochure.

KONNECT ASEAN is a development project supported by the Republic of Korea and serves as the ASEAN Foundation’s core arts and cultural programme. KONNECT ASEAN signals both an eagerness by ASEAN to revitalise its once integral role in contemporary visual arts and South Korea’s sincerity in establishing closer ties with ASEAN. The programme celebrates Southeast Asian arts using different platforms to explore and discuss social, political, economic, and environmental issues in the region.

Goethe-Institut Singapore and Jakarta
The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach. It promotes knowledge of the German language abroad and fosters international cultural cooperation. Its interdisciplinary work brings together people from different disciplines, cultures, and countries.

This research project is supported by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, under its Academic Research Fund Tier 1 grant.

Conceived by NTU CCA Singapore’s Founding Director Ute Meta Bauer and curator Magdalena Magiera

Image: Tita Salina and Irwan Ahmett, The Call of Fragility – Through the lens of Eurasian Plate fragility in Java Island (Indonesia) and Turkey, 2022, video still. Courtesy the artists.