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NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore is proud to present Open College, a new educational initiative ­­for everyone who is passionate about personal and professional growth and development in the arts sector. 

Open College programmes are offered on 2 tracks; Discovery and Immersive Series. Discovery Series programmes are short exploratory courses that allow participants to explore topics outside their usual fields of interest, and acquire basic knowledge and skillsets that may be transferrable to other areas of study and work. By contrast, Immersive Series programmes are more in-depth and led by professional educators, researchers and critical thinkers in their fields of expertise. Through a blend of practical projects and discussions to stimulate critical thinking and dialogue, participants will deep dive into a subject matter and gain new perspectives.

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Making it Happen!
Developing Projects for the Cultural Sector

Course Details

Date: 27-29 September 2021
Time: 9am-5:30pm
Location:NTU CCA Singapore, The Seminar Room, Block 37 Malan Road, Singapore 109452
Standard Course Fees: $2247 (full fee) $674.10 (Cat-A SSG Funded Courses) $254.10 (ETSS and MCES)
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About this course

Developing projects in the cultural sector comes with distinctive considerations unique to challenges in the field. Some examples of cultural sector projects include exhibitions, performances, festivals and other public presentations. 

In this 3-day programme designed for cultural practitioners and arts administrators, participants will develop the competencies and skills for planning and controlling art projects from ideation to completion. The course will examine the project management life cycle and address issues that drive or derail successful project outcomes. Participants will learn to define project parameters, identify and enrol stakeholders and use effective project management tools to plan, organise and track progress. 

Cultural sector projects often involve multiple, complex sources of funding. The processes involved in receiving the funds may not follow a regular schedule and subsidies sometimes are received after an event is over.  These issues can create uncertainty in the financial management of cultural sector projects. Project managers need to be agile in the both areas of budgeting and financial management in order to enhance project outcomes. 

This programme will also cover grant writing, an important aspect of project development and management. With the understanding that every grant application is evaluated at various stages, participants will learn how to tackle the different aspects of a grant application. Through hands-on writing practice, participants will navigate grant procedures, regulations and evaluation criteria and most importantly, favourably position their projects and increase their chances of receiving funding.

If you are a…

Arts Manager
Arts Educator
Production Manager
Cultural Worker
Arts enthusiast

Interested in…

Project development life cycles specific to the arts

Available project management tools and communication.

Identifying and enrolling stakeholders.

Identifying potential funding sources including grants.

Project development in times of crisis and force majeure.

You will learn how to…

Identify key issues in project development in the arts.

Write a basic project proposal, timeline, and budget.

Present and discuss proposals in a clear and persuasive manner.

Understand the current landscape of project development in the Arts in Singapore.

Your Course Instructor

Dr Karin Oen is Principal Research Fellow at the Centre for Asian Art and Design; School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University, and was recently Deputy Director, Curatorial Programmes for NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore. Prior to that, she was Associate Curator of contemporary art at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, where she played a pivotal role in the growth of the museum’s contemporary collection.  

Dr Oen holds a PhD in History, Theory and Criticism of Art and Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MA in Modern Art History, Connoisseurship and Art-Market History from Christie’s Education and a BA with honours in Urban Studies, Art History minor, from Stanford University.

Deeply engaged with the intersection of art, technology and culture, and the migration of people and ideas, Dr Oen is a global modernist whose curatorial practice spans the art and architecture from 19th through to 21st century.