Shilpa Gupta

Shilpa Gupta’s mediums range from manipulated found objects to video, interactive computer-based installation, and performance. Acquired for the Guggenheim’s collection, 1:14.9 (2011–12), features a hand-wound ball of thread accompanied by a small plaque reading “1188.5 MILES OF FENCED BORDER – WEST, NORTH-WEST / DATA UPDATE: DEC 31, 2007,” poetically representing the geopolitical division of India and Pakistan. In 2011, Gupta was the recipient of the Bienal Award, Bienal De Cuenca, Ecuador; in 2004 she was the recipient of the Transmediale Award, Berlin, and the Sanskriti Prathisthan Award, New Delhi. Canada’s South Asian Visual Artists Collective also named her International Artist of the Year. A 10-year survey of her work, Half A Sky, was presented at the OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria (2010). Gupta lives and works in Mumbai.