Seth Denizen

Seth Denizen is a landscape architect trained in evolutionary ecology and is currently completing a PhD in Geography at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley). His doctoral research is currently investigating the vertical geopolitics of urban soil in Mexico City, where he is working with geologists and systems ecologists to characterise the material complexities and political forces that shape the distribution of geological risk in Distrito Federal’s urban periphery. In 2014 he was the recipient of a SEED-fund grant supporting his research “Mapping the Microbiome of Hong Kong”, which is an ongoing collaboration between the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Science at the University of Hong Kong to investigate the genetic diversity of transportation infrastructure. In 2013, Denizen took 1st prize in an international information design competition: OUT OF BALANCE – CRITIQUE OF THE PRESENT by ARCH+ Journal for Architecture and Urban Design and the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.