Meiya Cheng

Meiya Cheng (b. 1975, China) is a freelance curator living and working in Taipei. From 2006-2009, she was the curator of MoCA, Taipei. For her talk she will look at two exhibition projects The Great Ephemeral (New Museum, 2015) and Trading Futures, (co-curated with Pauline Yao, Taipei Contemporary Art Centre, 2012) relating them to PLACE.LABOUR.CAPITAL. The Great Ephemeral responds to the speculative nature of the global market, both by exploring its intangible, even emotional, aspects and by offering clear-eyed commentary on its inequalities. Trading Futures was a gathering of conceptual interrogations, gestures and processes that look into the ways in which art and artistic experimentation intersect with hypothetical systems of labour, value, consumption, and desire.

Cheng participated in the founding and operation of Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC) since 2009. With teamwork as the working model, she tries to builds up an alternative model that constantly examines and self/examines institutional the conditions in art production. From 2012-2014, she was the chair of TCAC. Her selected curated exhibition include: Augmenting the World, (The 6th Taipei Digital Art Festival, international section, 2011) and 6th Queens International (co-curated with Hitomi Iwasaki, Queens Museum, NYC, 2013.)