Katherine Ann Leilani Tuider

Katherine Tuider, Executive Director and Co- founder of Honolulu Biennial Foundation, will speak about building a biennial from the ground up in what has been described as the most isolated, populated landmass in the world, Hawai‘i. Despite the perceived challenges associated with building an international, city-wide exhibition with no start-up capital in a seemingly isolated place, the contributions and involvement of the local community in Hawai‘i made the Honolulu Biennial a success. Prioritising the needs and desires of the local community was an integral part of the planning process in order to create a biennial that was locally relevant, while also being reflective of what makes Hawai‘i so unique for those who were visiting. A biennial that honours and involves its community is not only more sustainable, but also more interesting for those who visit because the biennial serves as a portal for understanding the history and culture of that place. As urban spaces rapidly grow and change, Tuider will explain why a “community-first” approach is essential in order to create successful public art exhibitions that are reflective of the past, while also relevant in the future.