Karin Oen

Karin G. Oen is Director at the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, and Senior Lecturer and Head of Art History in the School of Humanities. A global modernist, she is most interested in transdisciplinary and transnational art practices that resist easy classification, and in examining modes of writing about, displaying, and collecting art in diverse cultural contexts. From early career research on avant-garde art practices in early Reform Era China to serving as a museum curator for historical, modern, and contemporary collections of Asian art, to recent investigations of paracuratorial and paracurricular practices, her work has been characterised by attention to historiographies and genealogies, institutional power structures, and a broader project of balancing the global, the local, and making space for non-canonical art histories. Significant exhibitions include solo projects with teamLab, Haroon Mirza, Koki Tanaka, Afruz Amighi, Jean Shin, Fyerool Darma and Ala Ebtekar. Her group and thematic exhibitions have explored contemporary Japanese ceramics, modern and contemporary Japanese fashion, courtly arts from around South, Southeast, and East Asia, and the complex relationship between the physical and metaphysical in the concept of divinity. She received her PhD in the History, Theory, and Criticism of Art and Architecture from MIT.