Jose Tence Ruiz

Jose Tence Ruiz is a multi-media artist and an independent writer, consultant, and curator for institutions in the Philippines such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines, The National Commission for Culture and the Arts, The Pasig City Arts Museum, Neo-Angono Collective and The Ateneo Art Gallery. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Ateneo de Manila and University of Santo Tomas, Manila.For over 30 years, Ruiz has been involved in various multimedia and visual practices such as paintings, sculpture, design, installation, and performance, as well as media presentations, book illustration, publication design, or set. He is also well known for his political cartoons that he submitted for the editorial pages of major newspapers across the Philippines and Singapore (The Manila Times, The Manila Chronicle, and Singapore Straits Times, among others). In its formal aspects, Ruiz’s practice draws from different sources: Social Realism, botanical and industrial debris from both rural and urban environments of the Philippines as well as the chaos theory and the aesthetics of fractals––symmetrical geometric compositions, described by the study of mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot. Strangely poetic in its form, his work is strongly embedded in the political and social landscape of the Philippines.