Jasmeen Patheja

Jasmeen PATHEJA (India) lives and works in Bangalore. She is founder andfacilitator of Blank Noise, a community of Action Sheroes, Heroes, Theyroes, citizens and persons, taking agency to end sexual and gender based violence. Patheja initiated Blank Noise in 2003, in response to the normalisation and the silence surrounding street harassment. Over the last 16 years, Patheja has designed a wide range of interventions to trigger discourse and shift public consciousness. Her work rests on the power of collaborations and community. Patheja is a TED speaker and Ashoka Fellow. In 2015, she received the International Award for Public Art, for the project Talk to Me (Blank Noise). She is currently shortlisted for the Visible Award and was shortlisted for the Vera List Center for Arts and Politics. She works as artist in residence at Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology.