Hongjohn Lin

Hongjohn LIN (Taiwan/Singapore) is an artist, writer and curator. Lin has a PhD in Arts and Humanities from the New York University. He has participated in exhibitions including Taipei Biennial (2004), Manchester Asian Triennial 2008, Rotterdam Film Festival 2008, and Taipei Biennial (2012), China Asia Biennial (2014), and Guangzhou Triennial (2015). Lin was curator of the Taiwan Pavilion Atopia, Venice Biennial (2007), co-curator of Taipei Biennial (with Tirdad Zolghadr, 2010). Currently he is serving as Professor at the Taipei National University of the Arts. His writings can be found in international magazines, journals, and publications. He wrote the Introductions for Chinese edition of Art Power (Boris Groys) and Artificial Hells (Claire Bishop and his publications in Chinese include Poetics of Curating (2018).