Constanze Ruhm

Constanze Ruhm is an artist, filmmaker and author whose artistic practice focuses on the relation of cinema, new media and theatrical forms, and investigates questions of female identity and representation.

Ruhm’s works have been shown at international exhibitions, as well as at film festivals, including: Internationale Filmfestspiele / Forum Expanded | Living Archive, Kunstwerke, Berlin, Germany (2013); Internationale Filmfestspiele, Berlin, Germany (2010 and 2011); The 5th International Video Art Biennial, Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel (2012); Tel Aviv Film Festival (2010); The University Art Gallery / Room Gallery, University of California, Irvine (2010); Extracity, Antwerp (2008); Museo de la Reina Sofia, Madrid (2008); Generali Foundation, Vienna (2006), and 3rd Berlin Bienniale (2004). In 1995 Ruhm represented Austria at the Venice Biennale along with Peter Sandbichler. Ruhm also curates exhibitions, realises publications, and both organises and contributes to international symposia. Constanze Ruhm was born in Vienna, Austria in 1965. She lives and works in Vienna and Berlin. Since 2006, she is Professor for Art and Media at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.