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The NTU CCA Singapore Residencies programme is an integral part of the NTU CCA Singapore’s mission as a research centre and hosts artists, curators, critics and scholars from Singapore and abroad. The studio-based Residencies programme is dedicated to facilitating the production of knowledge and research for and by established and emerging artists. It serves as a forum for cultural and artistic exchange in Southeast Asia, augmented with public events Residencies: Insights / Studio Sessions / OPEN series, ranging from open studio sessions, lectures, live performances, to special projects in The Lab, NTU CCA Singapore’s space for curatorial experimentation. The application for residency at NTU CCA Singapore is via nomination, please email NTUCCAresidencies@ntu.edu.sg for more information.


Lee Wen

Residency period

25 August 2014 – 19 October 2014
24 November 2014 – 28 February 2015


Cultural Medallion recipient Lee Wen’s (b. 1957, Singapore) work is strongly motivated by social investigations as well as inner psychological directions using art to interrogate stereotypical perceptions of culture and society. He helped initiate and co-organize the Independent Archive and Resource Centre (2012), R.I.T.E.S.- Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak (2009-) and Future of Imagination (2003-), an international performance art event. Lee entered the art scene comparatively late in the 80s,
but quickly gained attention. His early practice was associated with The Artists Village in Singapore and later forged a more individuated artistic career. Recent exhibitions including Concept content contestation: Art and the collective in Southeast Asia, Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (2013) and his solo at the Singapore Art Museum (2012).


Lee Wen has been exploring different strategies of time-based and performance art since 1989. His project Malevich looks at the idea of going back to “square one”. Within his residency, Lee has focused on drawing and improvisation through music and performance and as an opportunity to revisit and revive past projects.

His recent concerns have revolved around the memory of Singapore’s art history through the initiation of the Independent Archive and Resource Centre documenting performance art and recent conversations with art historian and NTU visiting faculty, Nora Taylor have result in a wider discussion on how to remember performance art practices here.

Public programmes

Inaugural Event / Screenings and Performances by Lee Wen & Jason Wee, Lucy Davis, Grieve Perspective, OFFCUFF
23 Oct 2013, Wed 6:30pm - 9:00pm

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This inaugural event will feature performances and video screenings from eminent and emerging artists from Singapore and the NTU School of Art Design and Media, including OFFCUFF, Lucy Davis, Grieve Perspective and Cultural Medallion Awardee Lee Wen together and Jason Wee in collaboration with Angie Seah, Karl Kerridge and Jordan Rais. 

Residencies OPEN: Malevich by Artist-in-Residence, Lee Wen
23 Jan 2015, Fri 9:00pm - 10:00pm

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Go back to square one with one of Singapore’s leading multi-disciplinary artists, Lee Wen, in this performance work dedicated to his ongoing residency exploration of Russian Suprematist Kazimir Malevich’s painting Black Square (1915) and ironical take on Singapore’s identity. Lee Wen will perform in connection to The Time Show project organised by fellow Artist-in-Residence, Koh Nguang How.