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The NTU CCA Singapore Residencies programme is an integral part of the NTU CCA Singapore’s mission as a research centre and hosts artists, curators, critics and scholars from Singapore and abroad. The studio-based Residencies programme is dedicated to facilitating the production of knowledge and research for and by established and emerging artists. It serves as a forum for cultural and artistic exchange in Southeast Asia, augmented with public events Residencies: Insights / Studio Sessions / OPEN series, ranging from open studio sessions, lectures, live performances, to special projects in The Lab, NTU CCA Singapore’s space for curatorial experimentation. The application for residency at NTU CCA Singapore is via nomination, please email for more information.


Jompet Kuswidananto

Residency period

7 December 2015 – 5 February 2016


Jompet Kuswidananto (b. 1976, Indonesia) studied Communications at the Faculty of Social and Political Science of Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta. From 1995 to 1999 Kuswidananto  spent much of his time as a musician, playing guitar for a rock band.  He went on to join the theater club, Teater Garasi, as music composer right after the regime of Suharto fell in 1998. Teater Garasi, which has evolved and contributed significantly for Indonesian contemporary theatre, and is  Kuswidananto’s base for his artistic development.

Kuswidananto began his art practice in 1999 through various forms of art; from music to multimedia performance to installation and theatre. In 2008 he initiated the project Java’s Machine, which led to international exposure including Yokohama Triennale, Japan (2008), Lyon Biennale, France (2009), Moscow Biennale for Young Art (2012), Taipei Biennale, Taiwan (2012). He has participated in other exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne and Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam. Kusiwidananto’s work examines the notion of the state of transition in Indonesian culture.


Jompet Kuswidananto has long been interested in matters related to the spaces in between the binary oppositions within society. In his previous series, the intersections of past and present, tradition and modernity, magical and mechanical, memory and projections of the future formed the dominant narrative in the presentation of his work. While in residence Kuswidananto will continue to research how voices are valued, performed and spectated, in Indonesia and beyond.

Public programmes

Residencies: OPEN as part of Art After Dark and Singapore Art Week 2016
22 Jan 2016, Fri 7:00pm - 11:00pm

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Residencies: OPEN offers a rare insight into the often introverted sphere of the artists’ studio. Through showcasing discussions, performances, research and works-in-progress, Residencies: OPEN profiles the diversity of contemporary art practice and the divergent ways artists make artwork with the studio as a constant space for experimentation and contemplation.

Block 37 Studios: anGie seah (Singapore), Shubigi Rao (Singapore), and Saleh Hussein (Indonesia)

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