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The NTU CCA Singapore Residencies programme is an integral part of the NTU CCA Singapore’s mission as a research centre and hosts artists, curators, critics and scholars from Singapore and abroad. The studio-based Residencies programme is dedicated to facilitating the production of knowledge and research for and by established and emerging artists. It serves as a forum for cultural and artistic exchange in Southeast Asia, augmented with public events Residencies: Insights / Studio Sessions / OPEN series, ranging from open studio sessions, lectures, live performances, to special projects in The Lab, NTU CCA Singapore’s space for curatorial experimentation. The application for residency at NTU CCA Singapore is via nomination, please email for more information.


Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho

Residency period

2 November – 27 November 2015


Amy Lien (b. 1987, United States) & Enzo Camacho (b. 1985, Philippines) perhaps recklessly assume the near total dissolution of creative agency as participants in the financially networked public sphere commonly referred to as ‘art world.’ Yet, this does not prevent them from generating ever more questions via an image-oriented material production, continuously inaugurating a kind of affective and data-frantic cartography of places connected and disconnected to each other, while employing the standard theoretical rubrics of ‘economics’ and ‘contemporary art.’ What results is something “like mixed media sculpture, or installation art.”

The two artists began collaborating in 2009, between New York and Manila. They both received their Bachelor’s degrees from Harvard University (Lien in 2009; Camacho in 2007), and their Master’s degrees from the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (both in 2014). Most recently, they were Artists-in-Residence at Gluck50 in Milan, where they curated a group exhibition including artists based in New York, Taipei, and Cairo. They have had solo exhibitions at 47 Canal (New York, USA), Mathew Gallery (Berlin, Germany), Republikha Art Gallery (Quezon City, Philippines), and Green Papaya Art Projects (Quezon City, Philippines), as well as participated in recent group exhibitions at the Kunstverein in Dusseldorf and the Künstlerhaus in Bremen.


Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho’s residency research focuses on employees of financial institutions in Singapore. It fixates on the college graduates who have recently entered the field, and who are becoming biologically shaped by the dominating but fraught system of globalized financial capital. This artistic research began after hearing stories about the extreme work routines and social lives of these fresh recruits in Singapore. The best stories were about Enzo Camacho’s sister, a beautiful, young third-year analyst at a prominent investment bank in this city.

Public programmes

Residencies: Insights – Art Labor (Vietnam) and Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho (New York/Manila)
8 Dec 2015, Tue 6:00pm - 10:00pm

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This edition of Residencies: Insights highlights the importance of collectives in art practices today.

Jarai Dew Hammock Café by Artists-in-Residence, Art Labor
Jarai Dew Hammock Café takes inspiration from the Jarai people of Vietnam’s Central Highlands and their philosophy on the cycle of life. Art Labor will recreate a Hammock Café serving traditional Vietnamese coffee, akin to the many itinerant roadside-resting spots of Vietnamese daily life.  

OPEN Studio by Artists-in-Residence, Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho
Since arriving at NTU CCA Singapore, Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho have observed the tightly wound relationship between the financial industry and governmentality in Singapore and its cultural repercussions. Is the imagination held hostage by this situation? Their open studio presentation will reflect on this question.