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Choy Ka Fai
The wind that cuts the body
13 Oct 2017, Fri - 10 Dec 2017, Sun

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Driven by his interest in exploring the conditions of the human body, multi-disciplinary artist Choy Ka Fai focuses his research on choreographic practices in
Asia. The wind that cuts the body presents his current investigation into Butoh, which arose in Japan at the end of the 1950s, encompassing a diverse range of techniques from dance, theatre, and movement. Choy traces the legacy of one of the key founders, Tatsumi Hijikata (1928–1986) who sought a new form of physical expression he referred to as ankoku butō (“dance of darkness”), delving into imageries of the grotesque and sickness of the human form. The research presentation will feature a selection of reference materials from the Tatsumi Hijikata Archive in Tokyo and from the artist’s expeditions, interviews, and documentary sketches. In his pursuit, Choy went to the extent of interviewing the spirit of Hijikata through an itako (Japanese shaman) and to speculate on the technological possibilities of dancing with Hijikata again.

The wind that cuts the body is curated by Khim Ong, Deputy Director, Curatorial Programmes.

Behind-the-Scenes with contributing artist Newell Harry (Australia); Markus Reymann, Director, TBA21–Academy; and Professor Ute Meta Bauer, Founding Director, NTU CCA Singapore, and curator, The Oceanic
6 Dec 2017, Wed 07:30 PM - 09:00 PM

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The speakers will share their experience of the first cycle of research trips to the Pacific Ocean archipelagos as part of TBA21–Academy The Current, giving background into how the exhibition project evolved out of these journeys. The insights into the expeditions will give further context to the works in the show, while presenting broader vision of The Current.

Workshop for Teachers and Educators by Kelly Reedy
9 Dec 2017, Sat 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM
12 Jan 2018, Fri 02:30 PM - 05:30 PM

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Saturday, 9 December 2017, 10.00am – 1.00pm
Workshop for Teachers and Educators
by educator and artist Kelly Reedy
with the presence of artist Newell Harry and Markus Reymann, TBA21–Academy Director

Friday, 12 January 2018, 3.00 – 5.00pm
Workshop for Teachers and Educators
by educator and artist Kelly Reedy
with the presence of artists Kristy H. A. Kang and PerMagnus Lindborg

To attend either session, please register at

Focusing on the artists and works included in the exhibition The Oceanic, the workshop engages with artistic practices and prepares educators for visits with their students by providing educational tools as entry points to the exhibition, and assisting in identifying aspects of the exhibition that might be relevant to their classes. It suggests techniques for exploring both the visual arts and other areas of daily encounters.

Tour of The Oceanic with contributing artist PerMagnus Lindborg (Sweden/Singapore) and Professor Ute Meta Bauer
15 Dec 2017, Fri 07:30 PM - 08:30 PM

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The audience will meet the curator of The Oceanic Professor Ute Meta Bauer, in an open Q&A session in conversation with contributing sound artist PerMagnus Lindborg. The tour includes a “sound walk” through the exhibition guided by the artist.

Sonya Lacey
Speed Reading
28 Oct 2017, Sat - 28 Jan 2018, Sun

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Confounding ordinary notions of legibility, the work of Sonya Lacey addresses the politics of communication by tampering with the concrete textures of language. Specifically conceived for The Vitrine, Speed Reading combines two bodies of work that put the sheer physicality of language to a test. Headlines from The Straits Times and Solar Print Tests (both 2017) result from a series of experiments, undertaken by the artist during her residency at NTU CCA Singapore, where she exposed newsprint paper to both sunlight and artificial light, while Dilutions, an earlier work from 2016, is a sculptural piece involving a movable metal typeface and the process of corrosion determined by lead oxide. Slowly warping over time, the material components entailed in the production and circulation of the written word, Speed Reading alters the boundaries of legibility and shakes the physical foundations of the transmission of knowledge.