Škart is an experimental art/design collective founded by Djordje Balmazović and Dragan Protić in 1990 at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. In Serbian, the word Škart means “trash/reject”, an allusion to the collective’s approach to creative endeavours. Using vernacular languages and low-tech media, Škart’s practice infiltrates the most unconventional settings and often engenders unorthodox, community-based collaborations. Revolving around poetry and the “architecture of the human relationships,” their projects have been developed in several institutions and independent spaces across Europe. Most recently, their work has been presented in exhibitions at Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2016; Galerija Nova, Zagreb, Croatia, 2015; Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade, Serbia, 2015; the Serbian Pavilion, Venice Biennial of Architecture, Italy, 2010.